Logic Models & National Trends

The 4-H Program Leaders Working Group for Access, Equity and Belonging Champion groups have developed logic models to help guide youth development practitioners in their program planning efforts through an equity lens. A logic model is a road map of sorts that describes the shared relationships between the situation statement, inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes, and impacts for your program.

National Trends & 4-H Snapshot

This National Trends and 4-H Snapshot publications highlights 4-H demographic statistics and national trends related to engaging youth audiences. This publication includes data gathered from ES-237 reports collected by NIFA’s Division of Youth and 4-H (4-H National Headquarters) and national data sets as referenced within the endnotes. We recognize that this is not a complete picture of the 4-H story and acknowledge the limitations due to data that is not collected through the 4-H system. This publication serves as a preliminary resource to explore our system’s reach and opportunities to engage diverse audiences. We will continue to evolve this resource as our committee gathers additional data and resources.