Curated Resources: Learn

In this section you will find resources that will help you define equity and learn about the many different ways privilege, identity, oppression, and inclusion impact our society. Some of these resources provide tips and stories on how to learn about privilege, identity, and inclusion. Others offer their own bibliographies and curated lists of resources to explore further. This is not an exhaustive list, but rather a curated set of resources that will be the most helpful in gaining a baseline understanding of equity issues in our work.

Annotated Bibliography on Structural Racism Present in the U.S. Food System

Civil Dialogue Around Race Relations

Diversish Top 100

Disability-Inclusive Youth Programs

Diversity & Inclusion Resources for Classrooms

Diversity Toolkit: A Guide to Discussing Identity, Power and Privilege

Equity Meets Design

Factors that Influence Inclusion Practices

First Nations Knowledge Center

Going to Office Hours is Terrifying’ and Other Tales of Rural Students in College

Learning About Equity: A Resource List

Literature Review: Equitable Access to Nature’s Benefits

National Equity Atlas

Navigating Difference: Development and Implementation of a Successful Cultural Competency Training

Nutrition Education for Native Communities

Racial and Social Equity Assessment Tool

Racial Equity Toolkit

Racial/Social Justice & Equity Trainings

Sample Activities & Templates for Exploring Privilege, Power and Oppression

The Equity Lab

USDA Fact Sheets